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How to Give

Of all the possible investments we might choose to support, few are as vitally important as the church. FCC plays a unique and irreplaceable role in our lives and in our community. It is a place of beauty and inspiration, of caring and fellowship, of guidance and comfort for people in all walks and all stages of life. It is a solid ground amid the shifting cultural sands of our times. It is a treasure given into our hands by generations that have come before us and a trust for us to carefully manage for the sake of generations to come.

For those of you who wish to send a check payable to First Congregational Church, mail it to

508 Union Street, Manchester NH 03104 – or drop it in the 508 Union Street mail box on the chapel door.  Please indicate on the memo line if there is a specific fund within the church.

For those who appreciate being able to make their financial gift online securely, click on DONATE NOW. Gifts are automatically processed from your checking, savings, debit, or credit card account on one or more dates each month.  For those choosing online giving, you will have the security of knowing that the gift you offer to God through FCC comes first and is deducted regularly.

Any questions?  Call our Church office at 603-625-5093 or email us at

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